At “Katsefet” you will find a luna park of flavors and sweet delights that cannot really be described in words.

Here you will find a large selection of dairy ice-creams, frozen yogurt, special yogurts, gourmet sorbet, parve ice creams, and sugar-free ice creams.

We specialize in making yogurt ice creams in a variety of flavors and kinds. Also, you can enjoy our smoothies and milkshakes made from high-quality ingredients and a selection of flavors. The chain also serves hot desserts such as Belgian waffles and French crepe, prepared in front of the customers with a variety of unusual toppings!

Besides, the chain specializes in making ice cream cakes made from 100% ice cream, including special decorations, unique dedications in a variety of flavors and sizes! To order a cake for an event or just because you want to surprise your loved one, click here.

Katsefet events – private or business events including formation days, staff evenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays, HAPPY HOUR, and any other event you can think of, Katsefet’s event carts will make your event sweeter and happier. To book an event.

The chain has certified Kosher Mehadrin by “Hatam Sofer – Bnei Brak” for all its products.